Greg Leshé was recommended to me by Ryan Roa, a close collaborator of Robert Morris. He was appointed to digitally retouch and optimize a large number of stills from Morris’ films and videos for an exhibition catalogue Serralves published in 2011 in association with Sonnabend Gallery, NY. Greg did this job with extremely high commitment, professionalism and skill. He strictly respected the appointed timeframe and followed the whole process through to printing. With the utmost cordiality, he made himself available to answer sometimes untimely requests and did obtain optimum results. I would not hesitate in recommending Greg to anybody looking for a reliable and highly skilled professional. It was a pleasure working with him.

  • - Maria Ramos, Head of Publications, Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto, Portugal
  • www.serralves.pt/en/

I recently had the good fortune of hiring Greg Leshé to photograph a large exhibit of my sculpture. Greg worked in a very focused and imaginative way, within a demanding time frame, and gave me beautiful and technically flawless images. I could not recommend him more highly.

There is nothing to match the sensitivity to art that a photographer like Greg, who is also an artist, brings to the work of art photography. When I received a nomination for the Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptors Grant, I asked him to photograph a group of paintings from my current series to present to the panel. A characteristic common to all of the paintings was the heavy build-up of paint. This paint relief along with true color representation was essential to communicate in order for the panel to have a genuine sense of the work. I was thrilled with the results and my application was successful. The high quality of the images presented in my application no doubt helped enormously to set my work apart from other applicants. Greg is someone who brings a serious work ethic, a depth of technical know how and an artist’s eye to art photography and I am always happy to recommend him to my artist friends.

  • - Cicely Cottingham
  • Painter and 2011 recipient of a Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptors Grant www.cicelycottingham.com

My experience in working with Greg Leshé was impressive. Greg is a true professional and was totally committed to accurately reproducing my work. The vast amount of equipment that he used to photograph my images and the assistant he worked with were all necessary in order to produce my catalog project in a timely manner. Greg was always respectful and present to my ideas on how to interpret and translate my works. He turned a possible nightmare into one of my most enjoyable experiences. He made the entire assignment go so smoothly, even working beyond what was expected to finish the project on time. Greg was easy to work with and serious yet humorous. He's a perfectionist yet natural and down to earth. The best!

Greg photographed my solo exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum and the results were amazing. His patience and skill were evident is every shot. He took his time and made sure that everything was perfect. When I received the DVD in the mail I was extremely pleased with the final results. The installation shots he took were creative and showed my paintings to their best advantage. If you need installation shots of your artwork, I highly recommend having Greg Leshé do the job. He’s a pleasure to work with!

When I started making the transition from slides to digital images and looking for a photographer for my very first web site, the company that was designing the site recommended I get in touch with Greg Leshé. A painter and printmaker primarily working with encaustic, my artwork can be challenging to photograph requiring a sophisticated light set-up to accurately capture the surfaces without glare. Over and over again, Greg has proven to be a technical magician when shooting my work. An artist in his own right, his critical eye and attention to detail has resulted in digital images that I can professionally use for all my needs. There is no one like him out there that can so accurately capture the color and texture in my work. When it comes to art photography, Greg Leshé is the very best!