"Any photographer can interpret an art work. The issue is how sensitively, faithfully, successfully. And with what mastery, of equipment, lighting, handling, imaging. The wrong approach can devastate it; the right one can elevate it."

- Greg Leshé

In addition to carefully pre-planning and customizing every project – critically including how and where final images will be used, and what lighting approaches are needed – Leshé’s solutions and services for the fine art community cover:

Outstanding digital imaging and traditional film and analog photography.

Studio and location photography.

All formats up through 8X10.

Comprehensive in-house retouching and file optimization.

All types of scans, from high-resolution drum to flatbed.

All manner of printing and output, including archival chromogenic and black-and-white silver gelatin and pigment prints.

Full insurance.

A complimentary initial consultation.

"Good business is the best art."

- Andy Warhol