• Things to Ask Yourself
  • about your chosen or contemplated reproduction photographer

Are you engaging a plain-vanilla commercial professional, or an artist-photographer with rich, diverse and relevant experience and skills?

Is your fine art translator able to perceive, render and refine light, color, form and texture with great care and detail?

Does your reproductionist have a wealth of digital and pre-digital expertise?

How much preparation, training, best practices and continuing education are behind them?

Do they walk their talk: does their portfolio validate their pitch?

Are they versed in archival and museum standards -- and in sensible fine art handling?

Are you dealing with a true lighting specialist, since the right lighting is absolutely vital – and photography itself is a language of light?

Do they have a fine eye for color and color reproduction?

Can they understand how you see?

Are they fluent in the language of art and the art world?

Will they provide insights, ideas and approaches that make the most artistic and economic sense; while achieving desired end results?

What's the value of attaining a remarkable photographic translation and presentation of your fine art?